The team that put their all into solving the global cyber security skills gap through gamified EdTech

Celebrating the incredible team who built CyberStart, the innovative educational platform that has inspired the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Working to solve the global cyber security skills gap through gamified EdTech

Teaching cyber security to young adults is hard. Really hard. It can be a challenging (and sometimes dry) subject that requires an unusual delivery mechanism to be effective for this age group. At CyberStart, we experimented, innovated, and focused all of our time and energy on solving this problem.

As a team, we built a cutting-edge and fun security education platform that transported students on an epic learning journey, getting them enthusiastic about a career in cyber.

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Product and design team avatars.

Product and Design

Our product and design teams worked incredibly hard to create an immersive and accessible product that put user experience first. Using insights gained from user feedback and close analysis of qualitative and quantitative gameplay data, the team delivered a constant stream of updates, improvements and enhancements to ensure the product remained at the top of its game.


Our engineering team built and meticulously maintained a scalable platform, which was used daily by tens of thousands of people. And our security team built hundreds of interactive challenges to inspire students from a range of backgrounds!

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Marketing and Programme Management

Our marketing team acted as guardians of the CyberStart brand, creating the messages, campaigns and informational materials to ensure that CyberStart reached as many users as possible. The programme management team collaborated with clients, partners and programme users to provide a range of services that enhanced the gameplay experience.

Founded by renowned cyber security expert, James Lyne

James is a notable figure in the cyber security industry due to his passion, drive and extensive cyber security experience across a multitude of disciplines. As a trusted industry advisor, he has helped organisations improve their cyber security capabilities and delivered several TED talks based on his knowledge and experiences. His passion to make cyber security accessible and interesting led to the first version of CyberStart, and the values the company has upheld throughout its existence.

James Lyne
CyberStart founder, James Lyne.

A Fond Farewell

The whole CyberStart team would like to thank you for your support of our mission, and for your dedication to closing the cyber security skills gap - we recognise that CyberStart's closure may come as a disappointment to users who have enjoyed the platform, but we're so proud of all that we have collectively achieved since the first iteration of the game launched in 2014.

We hope you find alternative ways to continue your cyber security learning journey, and wish you every success for the future.

Thanks for playing.

Team avatars saying farewell.