Closing the cyber security skills gap on a global scale

As the CyberStart platform comes to a close, we celebrate the many and varied educational initiatives that have shaped the cyber security landscape, all featuring the transformative power of CyberStart.

Used and approved in national initiatives

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From the UK's pioneering Cyber Discovery program, which unearthed the nation's brightest cyber talents, to the USA's diverse array of initiatives like CyberStart America, Cyber FastTrack, and the Girls Go CyberStart mission, CyberStart has been instrumental in empowering learners across borders and demographics.

CyberStart has worked in partnership with government agencies, charitable organisations and higher education institutions to deliver major initiatives and schemes around the globe, providing world-class cyber security training to young people.

National Cyber
Scholarship Foundation

NCS logo 2020-2024

Since 2020, the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation has been developing the pipeline of America's future cyber talent by awarding millions of dollars in cybersecurity training scholarships to high school and college students.

The three components of the program are to identify aptitude through the CyberStart platform; nurture potential by providing free world-class training through the NCSF's partner, the SANS Institute; and empowering excellence by providing recognition and career opportunities to emerging cyber stars.

HM Government's
Cyber Schools Programme

Cyber Discovery logo 2017-2021

Cyber Discovery was funded in 2017 by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as part of the UK's National Cyber Security Strategy. The programme helped discover and develop the UK's most talented cyber defenders.

The free programme was set up to teach 13-18 year olds cyber security. Over its four-year lifespan, 100,000 young people took part, with many going on to secure roles in the industry.

CyberStart America

CSA logo 2020-2024

From 2020-2024, CyberStart America gave U.S. high school students free access to the CyberStart platform to provide a fun, accessible gateway to explore their cybersecurity skills, and learn about the cyber industry and careers. High scoring participants were invited to apply for awards through the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation.

Cyber FastTrack

Cyber FastTrack logo 2019-2024

Designed to simplify and accelerate the path to a cybersecurity career for U.S. college students, participants increased their security skills and advanced their learning and career - whatever their experience level. Top performers in CyberStart were invited to apply for a range of scholarship opportunities and SANS certifications.

Go CyberStart

GGCS logo 2017-2020

The GGCS mission was to create a platform where every girl who enjoyed creative thinking, problem solving, and reading between the lines could explore cybersecurity in a safe, barrier-free environment. In just 3 years, 30,000 high school girls discovered the exciting world of cybersecurity and are on track to become the next generation of cyber defenders!

CyberStart programmes

JROTC logo 2020-2024

Cyber warfare is one of the biggest threats that any nation faces. JROTC cadets were encouraged to use CyberStart to discover their talent, advance their skills and win scholarships as a digital soldier - and top performers were offered professional certified training along the way.

Michigan Governor's
High School Cyber Challenge

ghscc Logo 2023

In the summer of 2023, all Michigan high school students were invited to play CyberStart to test their knowledge of cybersecurity, computer science and information technology. Top players were invited to a second round, consisting of a SANS Core Netwars event, to showcase the cybersecurity skills they had developed through CyberStart.

Into Cyber

Jumpstart into Cyber logo 2023-2024

Jumpstart into Cyber was a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program in the USA, focused on engaging underrepresented student groups in cybersecurity education. NSF worked in partnership with SANS Institute (SANS), Sinclair Community College and CyberStart to offer students an eight-week, two-step cybersecurity summer experience, where the top performers had the opportunity to gain professional certifications for free.

CyberStart Canada

CyberStart Canada logo 2022-2024

In collaboration with the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Toronto Metropolitan University and SANS Institute, CyberStart Canada gave Canadian high school students free access to an immersive, gamified cybersecurity learning experience, along with information and guidance around cyber careers, with a particular focus on groups that are underrepresented in the cybersecurity industry.

Catalyst Cyber Camp

Catalyst Cyber Camp logo Summer 2020

The Catalyst Cyber Camp provided free access to CyberStart for 500 youth in Brampton, Ontario. This unique and engaging virtualized program was the first of its kind in Canada. Through the Camp, participants solved cybersecurity challenges in a competitive and fun virtual environment. The Catalyst Cyber Camp provided youth ages 13-18 with an opportunity to engage with others during COVID-19, when many seasonal programs are closed.

Setting up for success

Our programmes were turnkey solutions designed to ensure that clients’ needs, and the needs of students and educators, were met and exceeded. For each programme, we offered a range of add-on services, on top of standard game access, to ensure each program reached its goals.

These key components could be instrumental to the success of a programme:

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