From 2014-2024, CyberStart users were invited to embark on a crime-fighting adventure across 200+ challenges

Each user became an agent at the Cyber Protection Agency, and played their way across four unique bases as they completed missions, unlocked new levels and learned the ethical hacking skills used by real industry experts.

New users could trial life at the Cyber Protection Agency with 12 free, unlocked and ready-to-play challenges.

CyberStart's largest base gave users the chance to hunt down cyber criminals from around the globe using real cyber security skills like code-breaking, forensics, and reverse engineering.

With a focus on coding in Python, players could investigate mysterious alien signals and build their own programs to defend the moon from galactic threats.

Budding forensic investigators could unleash their detective skills to examine crime scenes, analyse evidence and solve intriguing cases.

An Intern base challenge.
A Headquarters base challenge.
A Moon base challenge.
A Forensics base challenge.

Over 200 exciting challenges

Users were challenged to solve mysterious cyber crimes, uncover new cases and earn valued cyber security skills as they ventured through thrilling storylines and advanced up the ranks of the Cyber Protection Agency.

Players could:

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Earn points by finding flags

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Solve challenges to unlock new levels and skills

Check mark Access 4 unique bases devoted to a huge range of specialised topics

An example CyberStart challenge with a binary lock.
An example entry in the Field Manual covering memory.

Field Manual

Whether new to cyber security or lacking knowledge in certain areas, users could get help with new concepts or tricky challenges and advance their knowledge to the next level with the guides, walkthroughs and videos in CyberStart's Field Manual.

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Built by industry experts

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Videos tutorials on fascinating cyber disciplines

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Helpful challenge walkthroughs

CyberStart Groups

Players could create their own communities in CyberStart to compete and collaborate with fellow CyberStart users. Whether the goal was racing for points, helping each other progress, or for educators to track and support student performance, Groups provided a simple way to track achievement and engagement.

Groups provided:

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Leaderboards to compete for a top spot

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Useful metrics to track Group members' progress

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Privacy compliance - users controlled who saw their data

A leaderboard of users with usage stats and points scored.

Real-world skill development through gamified challenges

Users learned as they played through hands-on labs, useful guides, hints and walkthroughs.