A lasting legacy: celebrating CyberStart's impact on young people across the globe

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Professional certifications gained
Schools participated worldwide

CyberStart led the way

Our mission to help young people develop their skills in cyber security meant priding ourselves on providing top quality training and industry relevant experience for everyone.

"Well done. I wish this was on the National Curriculum. These are the digital skills our children need."

Maria, UK teacher
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    98.4% of users said that CyberStart helped develop their cyber security skills
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    Proven learning methodologies used that promoted learning by doing
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    Created by highly experienced industry specialists
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    Ethics, privacy and safety prioritised

Created by experts, used by governments, recommended by teachers and loved by users

CyberStart provided a safe environment for young adults of any ability to discover their talent, boost their confidence and earn sought-after skills.

"CyberStart is basically a game. It is super fun, engaging, and can even be addictive sometimes with the drive to find the solution pushing you to keep working and building your skills for hours. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking to fill your free time with something fun and productive at the same time!"

Humam, CyberStart America participant
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"There were times were I would choose to do this over hanging out with my friends or watching a movie because I just loved how fun and interesting it was. I can't even describe how much fun I had playing and learning from CyberStart. I often feel like computer science can sometimes be taught or described simpler than it is just because I am younger, but CyberStart pushed my limits and help me grow. Thank you so much!!"

Srinithi, CyberStart America participant

"In a short window of time I watched our students develop their creative problem solving skills, practice perseverance and develop team work."

Tina Scheindel, CyberStart America educator
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"I thought that cyber security and computer stuff was super boring. I started CyberStart though, and I can't tell you how surprised I was. It changed my perspective completely. CyberStart has changed every aspect of my life. Everyone should try it out, because you just might find out that you absolutely love it - like I did!"

Talya, CyberStart America participant

"I have tried to study cybersecurity concepts in the past but never quite understood what I was reading. Meanwhile, CyberStart managed to effortlessly teach concepts from SQL Injection to DoS to many things I haven't even thought of, and allowed these terms to retain and stick in my brain"

Shayna, CyberStart America participant
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Thousands loved CyberStart around the world

Various community members that took part in programmes involving CyberStart

"The community was very encouraging and everyone was nice. I felt very welcome and made lots of friends. It was somewhere I could express my passion for computing and not be judged for it.""

Cyber Discovery participant

"I was a Semifinalist in my freshman year, a Finalist in my sophomore year, and now a Scholar. It has been a great journey where I developed a strong passion for data security and learned valuable skills. Thanks to CyberStart I feel so confident about pursuing higher education and a career in the field of cybersecurity."

CyberStart America participant

"It's an amazing platform that made me very interested in the field of cyber security, as well as opening career prospects that I would have never known about otherwise or felt confident enough to pursue. I knew little to nothing about cyber security before Cyber Discovery, and in some ways, it has changed my life."

Cyber Discovery participant

"I learned so much through this program and the hands-on and diverse set of problems made the journey engaging and rewarding at every step. I still can't believe how much I've grown through Cyberstart. If it wasn't for this program, I would have never gotten into cybersecurity, but Cyberstart's engaging CTF style encouraged me to continue to learn even though it was difficult at times."

Cyber FastTrack participant