Hands-on cyber security training brought to life through real-world simulations

It's an amazing opportunity to develop your problem-solving skills, and even introduce you to a possible future career.

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Played and loved by a passionate community of over 200k students.

Train as you play in our immersive cyber security learning experience

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Non-traditional learning

No textbooks or lectures, just fun, online challenges that build towards highly respected academic outcomes.

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A carefully curated syllabus, designed to gently onboard and progressively challenge you.

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Transferrable skills

We help you build a portfolio of transferrable skills recognised and desired by employers.

You'll also get all of these exciting features to enjoy

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Fun scenarios

You will become an agent for the virtual Cyber Protection Agency and investigate criminal gangs who are using their cyber skills to do damage online. You’ll have to use various defensive tactics to thwart these cyber criminals’ attempts.

4 shapes representing each CyberStart base

Four distinct bases

Tackle cyber-criminal gangs in HQ by solving puzzles and using cyber security skills like binary reversing, SQL Injection and XSS.

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Agent profile and badges

All users get their own agent profile, complete with dozens of badges to collect and share with your friends as you work your way through the challenges.

Progressive difficulty

CyberStart features over 200 interactive security challenges ranging from simple through to extreme. The huge breadth of topics covered and easy to follow platform, helps get beginners started and fast-track those with a hidden talent.

Progress tracking

Track your progress through CyberStart with points and badges. With over 200 hours of cyber security training material and games, it is important to visualise your learning journey.

Helpful Field Manual

For those looking for more traditional learning support when completing the challenges, CyberStart also features an extensive ‘field manual’, with write-ups, video demos and interactive quizzes.

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What you’ll learn in CyberStart

Whether approached by beginners with a casual interest or hobbyists who are steps away from becoming a cyber security professional, CyberStart Game offers challenges that engage and sharpen anyone’s talents.

With over 200 challenges, you’ll experience easy, medium, hard and extreme challenges in the following cyber security disciplines:

  • Cryptography
  • Password security
  • Social engineering
  • Steganography
  • Network forensics
  • Reverse engineering
  • File forensics
  • Scripting
  • Hashing
  • Browser dev tools
  • Assembly debugging
  • Linux command line

For a sample set of challenges, try CyberStart Go


I have made progress in CyberStart Game during a programme such as Cyber Discovery, Girls Go CyberStart, or Cyber FastTrack. Can I extend my existing licence?
I have made progress in CyberStart Game during a programme such as Cyber Discovery, Girls Go CyberStart, or Cyber FastTrack. Can I pick up where I left off?