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Meet CyberStart Game

"I explored in-depth how easily cyber criminals can gain access to your data and the techniques they use, and I learned valuable skills that go way beyond GCSE and A-Level.

CyberStart Game Student

CyberStart Game provides all the content, labs and resources needed to build up knowledge in multiple security disciplines such as Linux, cryptography and digital forensics.

Window with 4 master techniques

Learn and apply the techniques used by professionals to help keep the internet safe

Focus on essential parts of your cyber security knowledge. Students with no previous experience or interest have gone on to master techniques such as binary reversing, SQL injection, buffer overflows and XXS.

Journey through exciting bases each set to their own themes and topics

Work your way through 200 challenges across three exciting bases. HQ base is where you'll be solving puzzles and learning techniques like code breaking, command line basics and binary reversing. Moon base where you'll be executing and running code through your own code editor. And finally Forensics base where you'll be learning essential concepts and ideas cyber agents apply when dealing with the aftermath of a cyber security attack.

Code editor with lines of code
Window a set of badges

Earn beautifully designed badges and build up points as you work through challenges

Build up your profile and earn badges as you play. Get awarded the ‘Speedster’ badge when you complete a challenge in under 30 seconds, or the ‘Firestarter’ when you unlock Volcano base! And for every challenge complete, you’ll also earn points. The amount of points depend on the challenge difficulty!

Join a community of 200k+ students

Played by hobbyists at home, as part of computing classes at school, in government programmes, and by leading industry professionals – when you play CyberStart you'll be joining a huge community of current and future cyber security superstars!

Window with multiple users

CyberStart Game highlights

200+ narrative driven and interactive challenges

You'll play as a cyber agent working your way through fascinating and challenging scenarios.


Badges to show accomplishments & progress

Collect beautifully designed badges as you pick up new skills and knowledge.


Field manual access to assist working through challenges

Always by your side. The field manual gives you access to write-ups, video demo's and interactive quizzes.

Laptop and books

Hands on labs with real security tools

Access to hands-on labs with real interactive security tools. Just like the professionals!

Computer on conveyor belt

Additional tools for larger groups and teachers

Larger groups and teachers get access to additional tools helping them manage and track their students progress.

2 cogs

Loved by a community of over 200k+ students.


86% of students that rated their experience of Game as 'Good' or 'Very Good'.

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2 million challenges completed in CyberStart Game so far.


Let's get started, pick your plan

Each plan comes with the following features

  • Access to all three bases.
  • Access to the field manual.
  • Access to hands on labs with real security tools.
  • An agent profile with your score, progress and badges.

For a student looking to give cyber security a go or improve their knowledge in the area.

1 license for 4 months

For a parent or guardian looking to support or educate their families learning in cyber security.

3 licenses for 4 months

For teachers looking to facilitate cyber security education within their classroom.

5 tiers of license plans for 4 months

"CyberStart Game is like nothing I've ever seen before. It was an absolute godsend for someone new to the industry."

Daniel Milnes, Student

CyberStart Game for enterprises


For organisations and enterprises with bespoke requirements and a large number of users.

  • Reporting functionality to monitor students progress.
  • License administration interface.
  • Exclusive access to 30 real network attack simulation challenges.
  • Volume discounts on large orders and variable package sizes.
  • Access to all three bases
  • Access to the field manual
  • Access to hands on labs with real security tools.
  • Agent profiles with your score, progress and badges.

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