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Introduce, inspire and improve cyber security knowledge with CyberStart Game

The most proven cyber security training tool for young adults

CyberStart your way

Whether you are a student interested in cyber security, a teacher looking for a resource to support your lessons, or a parent wanting to inspire and educate your family - CyberStart Game is designed with you in mind. This interactive learning platform provides all the content, labs and resources needed to build up knowledge in multiple security disciplines such as Linux, cryptography and digital forensics. The gamified learning environment and user-centric progress system are designed to enable anyone to work through the challenges by themselves and at their own pace.

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Learn as you play

Cyber security sounds like a daunting topic to master - until CyberStart Game! Full of challenges that will test the persistence and research needed when facing authentic cyber security tasks, CyberStart Game will build up your technical skills and creative thinking. Within CyberStart Game you will take on the role of a security agent. You will embark on a journey to stop fearsome gangs of cyber criminals and prevent organisations from being attacked. No previous knowledge is required to give it a go - you will be learning through exploring and investigating, meaning persistence is the only skill you need!

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"14 out of 15 of my students had never done any programming of any sort before, and none of them had done anything with cyber security (nor had I, for that matter!). It was a learning experience for us all, and I was so happy with how well designed CyberStart Game was. It walked us all through the challenges and introduced new concepts in a fun way."

Teacher – Mary – Augusta Prep, Georgia

Built for students, teachers and parents

Whether you’re already a white-hat hacker in training or you’ve never touched a keyboard before, you can learn with CyberStart Game. You’ll test your natural creativity, problem solving ability, and curiosity by taking on the role of a security agent to crack codes and stop cyber criminals in their tracks. We have over 200 challenges for you to tackle either on your own or in a team with friends!

"Thank you for putting time and effort into making challenges for students, like me, to be able to learn more about the cyber world! It means so much to us that we can have time to relax, play fun games and learn like this!"

CyberStart Game Participant

Find the perfect plan for you

All plans give you access to hundreds of interactive challenges to teach you cyber security skills. You will create a personalised agent profile so you can track your progress and earn badges as you work through multiple bases such as Headquarters, Moon and Forensics. You will also receive a field manual full of information, tips, and tricks to help you crack the challenges.

A variety of license options are available depending on how you want to use CyberStart Game:


For a student looking to give cyber security a go or improve their knowledge in the area.
  • 1 license
    for 4 months
  • Our Solo plan includes
  • Access to three core bases: HQ, Moon and Forensics with hundreds of interactive challenges.
  • A field manual packed full of information, tips and tricks.
  • Hands on labs with real security tools.
  • An agent profile with your score, progress and badges.
Licences start on the date of purchase Must agree to our terms and conditions


For a parent or guardian looking to support or educate their families learning in cyber security.
  • 3 licenses
    for 4 months
  • Our Family plan includes
  • Everything in our Solo plan plus:
  • Access to 3 licenses for you to distribute.
Licences start on the date of purchase Must agree to our terms and conditions


For teachers looking to facilitate cyber security education within their classroom.
  • 5 tiers of license plans
    for 4 months.
  • Our Education plan includes
  • Everything in our Solo plan plus:
  • Reporting functionality to monitor students progress.
  • License administration interface.
  • Volume discounts on large orders and variable package sizes.
Licences start on the date of purchase Must agree to our terms and conditions


For organisations and enterprises with bespoke requirements and a large number of users.

$300 per user
Interested? Get in touch.
  • Additional Enterprise features include:
  • Reporting functionality to monitor students progress.
  • License administration interface.
  • Exclusive access to 30 real network attack simulation challenges.
  • Volume discounts on large orders and variable package sizes.
  • Plus, everything listed in our Solo plan.
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CyberStart Game is a battle tested platform played and loved by over 200k students worldwide already. It is currently being used to educate thousands of users in free programs!

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Girls Go CyberStart is a fun and interactive online program composed of digital challenges to introduce high school girls in the United Staes to cyber security. Over 10,000 high school girls have taken part in the Girls Go CyberStart program so far and loved it!

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Cyber FastTrack is a free online cyber security program for college students and graduates in the United States. The program is designed to fast-track their entry in the cyber security profession via scholarships to the SANS Technology Institute.

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