The most proven cyber security learning tool for young adults

Welcome to CyberStart, an immersive gamified cyber security learning experience.

Whether you are a student interested in cyber security, a teacher looking for a resource to support your lessons, or a parent wanting to inspire and educate your family – CyberStart Game is designed with you in mind.

Four distinct bases

Tackle cyber-criminal gangs in HQ by solving puzzles and using cyber security skills like binary reversing, SQL Injection and XSS. Head over to the Moon Base to learn how to use Python to build your own security tools. Or learn the essential concepts used by security professionals in the aftermath of a security incident in the Forensics Base.

Fun scenarios

Discover how to crack codes, find security flaws and dissect criminals' digital trails whilst playing as a cyber agent in our Cyber Protection Agency, with dozens of fun scenarios to explore.

Tracking progress

Track your progress through Game, both your overall completion and points scored, which helps visualise your learning journey through over 200 hours of cyber security content.

Agent profile and badges

All users get their own agent profile, complete with dozens of badges to collect and share with your friends as you work your way through the challenges.

Engaging game

An engaging game with fun to play challenges and real security content

Score points

Find hidden flags, score points, unlock bases and levels, earn badges

Passionate community

Played and loved by a passionate community of over 200k students

Designed and built by an expert team of security professionals, developers and designers.

Founded by renowned cyber security expert James Lyne – CTO of SANS, a world leader in cyber security education – CyberStart was built by industry professionals with a passion for building amazing education tools.

Helpful field manual

Whether approached by beginners with a casual interest or hobbyists who are steps away from becoming a cyber security professional, CyberStart offers challenges that engage the mind, teach new skills and enhance existing knowledge. But for those looking for more traditional learning support, it also features an extensive 'field manual', with write-ups, video demo's and interactive quizzes.

Real security work

Students with no previous experience or interest have gone on to master techniques such as SQL injection, buffer overflows and XSS. We also cover Forensics, defensive cyber skills and secure coding so you can experience the breadth of the profession.

Progressive difficulty

Full of challenges that will test the persistence and research needed when facing authentic cyber security tasks, CyberStart builds up students' technical skills and creative-thinking.

Learn to programme

In the Moon Base you'll learn Python, executing and running code through your own browser-based code editor and coding your own programs – writing cyber security specific scripts to solve real world challenges.

Real security content

Over 200 hours of real security content, from easy to oh-so-difficult

Guided learning environment

A guided learning environment with a field manual, videos and hints

Made for young adults

Made for young adults, but also used by industry professionals

Trusted by over 200k students to kick-start their career in cyber security.

Played by hobbyists at home, as part of computing classes at school, in government programmes, and by leading industry professionals – when you play CyberStart you'll be joining a huge community of current and future cyber security superstars!

Just a few of our amazing students! →

Our amazing students


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Included in all packages

Four months access to the three main bases with hundreds of security challenges.

Access to hands-on labs with real interactive security tools.

Your own agent profile with progress tracking, badges and field manual.

Solo package


Join over 200k students by grabbing a licence now!

Psst. 96.7% of students said their cyber security skills had improved after playing Game!

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Family package


Get your whole family learning cyber security.

An amazing 88.6% of students are considering a career in cyber security after playing Game!

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Education package


Perfect for teachers looking for a guided learning tool.

Education packages get extra reporting, administration and oversight features!

Real use cases

Hobbyists, school students and industry professionals

Hobbyists, school students and industry professionals

With thousands of people having tried CyberStart Game over the last few years we've seen a wide variety with different backgrounds get value from it.

  • Hobbyists – who have previously tinkered with a bit of programming or dabbled in a few bits of exploration into the world of cyber security have become supercharged with a focused game and learning path.
  • School students – with no previous experience, or even interest, in cyber security have suddenly discovered they not only have a passion for it, but have also realised it could be a serious career choice for them.
  • Industry professionals – from both a diverse range of industries and already in the cyber security industry, have found it an engaging way to gain some initial understanding of key concepts, or explore some of the harder subject areas.

Want to join them? Grab a Solo package now to get four months access to CyberStart Game.

"CyberStart Game is like nothing I've ever seen before. It was an absolute godsend for someone new to the industry."

Daniel Milnes, Student


Join over 200k students by grabbing a licence now!

For 1 licence

Families and small clubs

Families and small clubs

There are thousands of talented teenagers that have the power to become future cyber security experts. Some haven't been discovered and some don't know how to turn their passion into a career.

CyberStart Game can be used as an extracurricular resource to support your child's existing studies, introduce a new career path or provide a resource that allows them to explore their hobby in an ethical and fun way.

Whether you're a parent or guardian looking for something that's both engaging and educational for your child to do, or perhaps a mentor or extracurricular club leader in need of a fun and self-driven activity for your students, CyberStart Game is the perfect solution.

Ready to get your kids involved? Grab a Family package now to get four months access to CyberStart Game for three people.

"I explored in-depth how easily cyber criminals can gain access to your data and the techniques they use, and I learned valuable skills that go way beyond GCSE and A-Level.

CyberStart Game Student


Get your whole family learning cyber security.

For 3 licences

Teachers and club leaders

Teachers and club leaders

Cyber security experts are needed in all types of businesses, from the army to the police, hospitals to banks. It can be fast-paced, challenging, fascinating and extremely rewarding career for students from all kinds of backgrounds.

Traditional learning methods can be hard to apply to cyber security, and there are limited resources available in classrooms. CyberStart Game provides everything you need to engage and educate your students in this exciting topic. The tool's flexibility to cater to students of all abilities allows you to have little to no knowledge in the subject area. You'll be amazed how quickly your students become the experts, leaving you to sit back and facilitate their learning.

Want to sign your class or club up? Grab an Education package now to get four months access to CyberStart Game for them all.

"Would I recommend this? YES! Will I be signing up our pupils in the next academic year? Absolutely!"

Nazleen Rao, Club Leader


Perfect for teachers looking for a guided learning tool.