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Cyber security training brought to life through real-world hacking challenges and puzzles

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Learn how to ethically hack with over 200 fun & immersive cyber security games

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Learn from scratch

Unsure where to start? Our team of experts have transformed complex topics into fun ethical hacking games. And when you're stuck, use the step-by-step walkthroughs and guides to help.

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Explore real-life hacking

Skip the theory and jump straight into the fun with over 200 real-life hacking challenges. Earn points, unlock new levels and help solve cyber crimes that professionals experience every day.

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Master advanced skills

Play through challenges in binary exploitation, reverse engineering, network forensics and much more to supercharge your practical cyber skills and stand out to industry employers.

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Play, learn, collaborate and compete.
All whilst defeating the bad guys across a thrilling storyline

Ready to outsmart cyber criminal gangs? Welcome to the Cyber Protection Agency!

Whether you’re inspecting suspicious crime scenes or saving a city’s transport network from a series of attacks, embark on your journey as an agent in the CPA to score points, discover new cases, unlock new levels and uncover the source of mysterious cyber criminal activities. Will you make it to level 13, catch the cyber criminals and earn your final promotion as Chief Detective?

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Learn how to defend the online world with over 200 real-world hacking challenges

Built by an expert team of cyber security professionals, you’ll experience real-world challenges and simulations they have practised in the field. From password cracking to reverse engineering, discover the thrill of being a cyber security agent with hundreds of hands-on labs.

Power up your learning with tutorials, guides and hints

Just getting started with cyber security or unsure about a new concept? When you’re stuck, the Field Manual breaks down complex topics into simple step-by-step guides and offers video tutorials on how to crack passwords, solve ciphers and even, carry out SQL injection. Plus, cash in your points to reveal hints to assist you through the challenges.

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Compete and collaborate with friends

Enjoy playing CyberStart challenges with friends and compete for the top spot on a team leaderboard with the Groups feature. Collaborate, compete, share ideas and progress further as you share your CyberStart experience with friends and like-minded peers.

Discover new topics with captivating storylines and scenarios

Across four CyberStart bases, you will pick up skills in both offensive and defensive cyber security disciplines. Learn by analysing images to uncover cryptic messages or examining social media profiles to see how cyber criminals create a convincing phishing email. No textbooks or lectures here, just fun simulations!

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CyberStart is a super, accessible platform for students to develop creative problem and Cyber skills.

What you'll learn

Check icon Cryptography
Check icon Password security
Check icon Social engineering
Check icon Steganography
Check icon Network forensics
Check icon Reverse engineering
Check icon File forensics
Check icon Scripting
Check icon Hashing
Check icon Browser dev tools
Check icon Assembly debugging
Check icon Linux command line

No upfront payments, no commitments, try for free!

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