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The top 7 reasons you should pursue a career in cyber security

The top 7 reasons you should pursue a career in cyber security

Looking for an in-demand, rewarding and well-paid job? Cyber security might be the career for you!

Find out more about a cyber security career and our top reasons to pursue it.

Have you ever considered a career in cyber security?

If you said yes, you’ll be glad to know that there are many benefits to working in this profession, including impressive salaries and flexible work opportunities.

And if you haven’t considered a job in cyber security before, we’re glad you’re here, because now might be your chance to discover your new career path!

Get one step closer to finding your dream career today with our list of the top 7 reasons you should pursue a career in cyber security!

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1. You’ll be in-demand

Did you know that at the end of 2021 there were 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs and that this will double to 7 million jobs by 2025?

With a growing need for cyber security experts already, and the need for many more in the future, be assured that your cyber security skills will be desirable for a long time!

2. You can expect job satisfaction

In 2021, the ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce study reported that 77% of respondents were satisfied or extremely satisfied in their cyber security jobs, the highest ever recorded in that study!

And that’s not all.

Gen Z and Millenials had the highest rate of job satisfaction at 79%. It’s therefore the perfect time for young people to want to pursue a cyber security career.

You can read the full study here.

3. You’ll earn a high salary

Due to their skill sets and in-demand status, cyber security professionals have higher salaries than the average worker.

In North America, the average cyber security salary is $119,898, while in the UK, the average cyber security salary can be up to £80,000.

Learn more about the average cyber security salary in this blog post.

4. You can work anywhere

Cyber security skills aren’t just desirable in your country; they are needed across the globe!

If you want to live and work in a different country one day, that option could be open to you with a cyber security job.

You could even work remotely in some cases, which is becoming a popular option in an increasing number of companies.

5. You’ll learn transferrable skills

Skills like problem-solving, creativity and the ability to juggle many tasks at once are some of the most important soft skills in a cyber security role. And according to this article, around half of high-paying jobs now require coding as an essential skill!

If you decide to change your career path, the skills you’ll learn in cyber security are sought-after in a vast amount of careers, making you a desirable candidate for many different jobs.

6. You’ll be in a dynamic role

Once you’ve taken your first step on the cyber security career ladder, many more opportunities will open up to you.

Not only would you be able to learn and test your skills against the most up-to-date techniques and software every day, but you could also specialise or move around in your role — from digital forensics and incident response to software development and leadership; you can adapt to them all.

7. You’ll be working for a purpose

While the money and the excitement of being a cyber security expert are desirable aspects of this career path, one of the key things to take away from this role is that your work can help people and genuinely make the world a better place.

A job that pays the bills and makes a difference to the world? Sign us up!

Here’s how one student plans to make a difference in the world through cyber security.

“I want to pursue cyber security in college and as a career, but I want to incorporate it into some sort of larger field, like fighting climate change”. - Amelie

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