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How to see which cyber security skills you're learning in CyberStart

How to see which cyber security skills you're learning in CyberStart

Want to see which cyber security skills you’ve demonstrated after solving each CyberStart challenge? Here’s how!

From Linux Commands to Steganography Analysis, discover our Learning Outcomes feature which will help you identify which cyber security skills you develop as you play CyberStart. 

We wouldn’t have CyberStart without its players, which is why your opinions play a huge role in our development and evolution of the platform.  

In our recent discussions with players on what they wanted to see upon completing a challenge, the majority wished to gain a clear understanding of what they had just learnt.  

From this feedback, we developed a Learning Outcomes feature, where players can see which skills they’ve demonstrated after completing each CyberStart challenge.  

Want to know how to uncover the skills you’ve learnt across each challenge in CyberStart? Then read on! 

Introducing CyberStart’s Learning Outcomes! 

If, like most of CyberStart’s players, you are using the platform to learn cyber security, the Learning Outcomes feature will be a welcome addition.  

We first released the Learning Outcomes feature into the success modal in one of CyberStart’s bases. We didn’t notify players of this new feature as we wanted to trial if they would find and engage with it organically – and they did!  

38% of unique users clicked on the prompt to reveal which skills they’d learnt, showing us that Learning Outcomes was something CyberStart’s players were interested in. 

How to see which skills you’ve developed in CyberStart with Learning Outcomes

After completing each challenge, players can now choose to view the skills they demonstrated in that challenge.  

To see the skills learnt after completing a challenge, click on: “Reveal the skills you used to complete this challenge” under the success message.

CyberStart challenge with success message overlay that shows the skills you’ve developed in that challenge.

Some CyberStart challenges will help you practise one cyber security skill, while other challenges will have you building several skills at once! 

Which cyber security skills will I learn by playing CyberStart? 

Advance your hands-on skills in the cyber security disciplines listed below when you play CyberStart: 

  • Observation 
  • Cryptography 
  • Encryption/Decryption 
  • Browser Dev Tools Use 
  • Code Analysis 
  • Encoding/Decoding 
  • URL Manipulation 
  • Numeracy 
  • Command Line 
  • Coding 
  • Secure Coding 
  • Python 
  • C Language 
  • Assembly Language 
  • Code Analysis 
  • Coding Logic and Control 
  • String Manipulation 
  • Data Extraction 
  • Debugging 
  • Networking Manipulation 
  • URL Manipulation 
  • File Manipulation 
  • Brute Forcing 
  • Online Safety 
  • Programming 
  • Logic 
  • Computer Literacy 
  • Web Security 
  • Cyber Safety 
  • Linux  
  • Steganography 
  • Digital Forensics 
  • Memory Forensics 
  • Email Forensics 
  • Disk Forensics 
  • Internet Research 
  • JavaScript 
  • PHP 
  • SQL 
  • Port Scanning 
  • Log File Analysis 
  • Memory Analysis 
  • File Analysis 
  • Steganography Analysis 
  • Network Analysis 
  • Registry Analysis 
  • OSI Research 
  • Reverse Engineering 
  • Hardware Security 
  • Hashing 

We hope the Learning Outcomes feature will give you a clear understanding of which of these cyber security skills you’ll build after you solve each CyberStart challenge.

We’re continuing to iterate this feature behind the scenes to bring you an even better Learning Outcomes experience in the future. Watch this space!

Try out the Learning Outcomes feature now by signing up and playing CyberStart using the options below!

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