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Getting started with the CyberStart Field Manual

Getting started with the CyberStart Field Manual

Get help with CyberStart challenges via video tutorials and guides in CyberStart’s Field Manual

Do you ever get stuck on a CyberStart challenge and don’t know where to turn? Or perhaps you want to learn more about a cyber security topic like programming or Linux.

No matter whether you’re pondering on a puzzle or curious about a concept, CyberStart’s extensive Field Manual has you covered!

“It’s been rewarding to use the Field Manual to find solutions and actually learn something new”. Sara, CyberStart player

You’ll discover high-quality walkthroughs, video tutorials and guides built and designed by industry experts in the Field Manual.

The fun resources help you solve CyberStart’s puzzles and learn about cyber security in a fun and engaging way.

Check out all the Field Manual updates we made in 2023 here.

How to use the CyberStart Field Manual

The Field Manual makes it easy and fun for you to learn tricky cyber security concepts and find the solutions to some of CyberStart’s challenges.

It breaks down complex topics into simple step-by-step guides and offers video tutorials on topics you may be unfamiliar with.

Cyber security expert and CyberStart CEO, James Lyne, introduces you to the Field Manual in this quick video overview:

Check out the Field Manual interface and discover some of the topics you’ll learn below.

Learning cyber security with the CyberStart Field Manual

The Field Manual is an incredibly valuable resource to any budding cyber agent who wants to learn in depth cyber security topics from experts.

With subtitled video tutorials, interesting write-ups and in-depth guides, the Field Manual shows you how to carry out certain cyber security processes and techniques in an enjoyable and easily digestible way.

“The video tutorials complemented by the reading sections provided a solid beginner foundation for me in learning Linux”. Saahas, CyberStart player

You can explore a breadth of different cyber security concepts and techniques in the Field Manual, such as:

  • Web
  • Cryptography
  • Linux
  • Programming
  • Binary

Each topic contains sub-topics that dive deeper into the most relevant concepts you’ll come across throughout CyberStart.

Get ready to enrich your understanding of concepts and techniques like command injection, ASCII, buffer overflows, running Python programmes and so much more!

CyberStart Field Manual

Solving challenges with the CyberStart Field Manual

If you need help solving a CyberStart challenge the Field Manual should be your first port of call.

The Field Manual works hand-in-hand with the challenges in CyberStart to accompany your learning and offers tips and walkthroughs as you play through the fun simulations.

You’ll find a whole host of engaging video walkthroughs to help you solve the challenge you’re stuck on, plus tips from industry experts on how to approach and solve challenges in the real world - a great skill for all aspects of life!

CyberStart Field Manual

All challenges with a relevant write-up or walkthrough in the Field Manual point you to the related entry directly from the CyberStart challenge.

This allows you to immediately access the most useful Field Manual content without leaving the challenge you’re playing!

CyberStart Field Manual

Gain real-world context for CyberStart’s challenges 

Want to know more about the cyber security disciplines or criminal tactics you encounter in CyberStart? 

The “Real World Uses” section can be found in all Field Manual challenge walkthroughs and provides context on how a challenge relates to the real world

You’ll find the “Real World Uses” section by scrolling to the bottom of a challenge walkthrough in the “Walkthroughs” section of the Field Manual.  

Where to find the CyberStart Field Manual

As the Field Manual is exclusive to CyberStart, you’ll need to sign up to CyberStart to access it.

Signing up for a free account takes a few minutes with no upfront payments or strings attached!

Once you’ve created your CyberStart account, jump straight into the Field Manual from your dashboard.

A CyberStart dashboard showing a player’s agent profile and two characters waving from Intern base

You’ll see a list of all the topics covered in the Field Manual on the left-hand side.

Don’t forget you’ll also find Field Manual entries next to every challenge that has one.

With a free trial, you’ll gain limited access to the video tutorials, guides and walkthroughs on offer, plus the chance to play 12 challenges in Intern base.

If you upgrade to a full licence from your CyberStart account, you’ll unlock the entire Field Manual and over 200 hacking challenges!

CyberStart Field Manual

Ready to set the foundations for further learning, get help with the CyberStart challenges and grow the confidence and expertise you’ll need for a successful career? Start playing CyberStart.

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