Students across all levels enjoy playing CyberStart

CyberStart for beginners

Students with no previous experience or interest have gone on to find a hidden passion and talent for cyber security by playing CyberStart Game.

Our self-guided and easy to follow platform, helps those with no prior knowledge get started in this fascinating industry.

CyberStart uses fun scenarios to take complex topics and make them accessible and engaging. Whilst playing as a cyber agent in our Cyber Protection Agency, you’ll be building up your technical skills whilst testing your persistence, research and problem solving skills.

Zoya started CyberStart Game with no prior knowledge.

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By starting from the basics in a fun and interactive way (unlike current forms of formal assessment), CyberStart eliminates a previously existing wall to get into cyber security. I assure you that you will understand more than you ever thought was possible!

Zoya A CyberStart female agent on skates

CyberStart for hobbyists

There are lots of people who have previously experimented with programming and cyber security techniques, but have no idea how to channel their hobby ethically or into a meaningful career.

With traditional learning methods making it difficult to learn cyber security, and limited resources available in the classroom, CyberStart Game is the perfect way to supercharge your learning path.

CyberStart focuses on fun and gamified learning that allows you to get hands-on experiences with real-world cyber security challenges and tasks. No text books, lectures or traditional learning, just fun and engaging problem-solving challenges that build towards highly respected academic outcomes.

Christopher found a way to channel his interests with CyberStart Game.

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I’ve always been interested in computers, especially programming, but I’d never seriously looked into the area of cyber security. After playing CyberStart, I’d learned loads, met new people and been encouraged to consider a career in cyber security. Before this, I never thought I would have been capable of what I have achieved.

Christopher B CyberStart female agent on skates

CyberStart for the advanced

Already know that cyber security is the industry for you? You’ve come to the right place.

CyberStart Game will immerse you into real-world cyber security challenges and hands-on labs built by industry experts, helping to fast-track your route to industry.

With its engaging interface, industry developed content and real-life cyber simulation labs, CyberStart Game will help you learn the foundation knowledge you can build your practical cyber security career on. Gain hands-on experiences with real-world cyber security tasks and develop transferable skills that are desired and recognised by employers.

Julie T fast-tracked her route to industry with CyberStart Game:

I just knew some basics of cybersecurity like codes and ciphers, but I have definitely learned new things through CyberStart, and expanded my knowledge on the topics I had experience with.

Julie T CyberStart female agent on skates