Solve mysterious puzzles, unlock levels and take your ethical hacking skills to the next level as a cyber crime investigator

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Two CyberStart challenges featuring a red car and a robot.

Embark on a crime-fighting adventure
across 200+ challenges

Become an agent at the Cyber Protection Agency and play your way across four unique bases as you complete missions, unlock new levels and learn the ethical hacking
skills used by real experts.

Trial life at the Cyber Protection Agency with 12 free, unlocked and ready-to-play challenges.

Hunt down cyber criminals from around the globe using real cyber security skills like code-breaking, forensics, reverse engineering and much more.

Investigate mysterious alien signals and build your own programs to defend the moon from galactic threats.

Unleash your detective skills to examine crime scenes, analyse evidence and solve intriguing cases.

An Intern base challenge.
As an intern, help the agency through a set of unsolved cases.
A Headquarters base challenge.
Use methods lile social engineering to uncover criminal trails in HQ.
A Moon base challenge.
Learn new programming languages like Python in the Moon base.
A Forensics base challenge.
Use your forensic skills to uncover secrets and hidden messages.

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A CyberStart character pointing a torch towards a criminal member.

Explore thrilling storylines
and scenarios

Jump into the secret world of an undercover agent as you investigate mysterious online activity, hunt for clues and thwart cyber criminal gangs' villainous schemes.

Complete challenges
to earn points

Boost your score with every puzzle you solve and spend your points when you need hints to complete the increasingly mind-stretching challenges.

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"I love all the different challenges and being able to learn new skills along the way."

Yellow star. Yellow star. Yellow star. Yellow star. Yellow star.
A CyberStart character sat in front of a locked up criminal gang member.
A CyberStart character opening a locked box.

Unlock levels to uncover
new mysteries

For every exciting puzzle you complete, you'll unlock new cases, gain real-life skills and prove you have what it takes to earn the ultimate promotion as Chief Detective.

Compete and collaborate
with players like you

Whether you prefer to play solo or enjoy the competition of multi-player, join Groups to track your progress or race for the top spot on your team leaderboard.

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A good and a bad character battling for top spot on the Group leaderboard.

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