CyberStart delivers engaging cyber security education to students through gamified, hands-on learning - saving teachers time and resources

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Teachers are facing the same problems when introducing and teaching cyber security

  • A lack of time to plan for valuable extra-curricular topics such as cyber security.
  • Difficulty creating accessibility and inclusivity around complex subjects.
  • Limited resources to put theory into essential practice.
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Time spent creating cyber security lesson plans will be a thing of the past with CyberStart

  • Bite-size, real-world challenges empower your students to experiment, solve, and learn.
  • Hands-on challenges can complement or advance textbook teaching.
  • Engaged students can explore new fields of learning.
  • Spark enthusiasm in those disengaged with traditional education.
CyberStart dashboard and an example challege trying to decrypt a Caesar cipher.

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Thousands of educators already love CyberStart

I originally introduced this in an afterschool club environment as I didn't have time during class. This quickly changed when we got to know CyberStart! You may start to feel that you are not needed as your pupils immerse themselves further into each challenge — but that was a great feeling for me as it allowed me to shift from a teacher to a facilitator. Also, did I say it is FUN?!"

Melissa Perrin-Smith,
Advanced Technologies Academy

"This game really helps my students connect with me and my class. They are so overwhelmed with other courses that they look forward to playing the game in class and taking a break from other stresses. Some of my students did not even think they would be good at it, but they are, and they love it."

Kristi Rice,
Spotsylvania High School

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Your students will learn real skills desired
in almost every industry

An example CyberStart challenge with a binary lock.
An exciting binary based CyberStart challenge.

Hands-on labs & simulations

Give your students essential experience with the opportunity to apply their skills to real cyber security situations.

"It puts cyber security both in a real world and game context making it easily accessible to all who participate!"

A leaderboard of users with usage stats and points scored.
Track progress and create engagement with Groups.

Track progress, create engagement & promote collaboration

The intuitive Groups feature enhances student engagement as they race or collaborate for points, while allowing you to see who is doing well or needs help.

"I thought it was cool to see everyone's progress and it made me want to complete more levels."

An example entry in the Field Manual covering memory.
Field Manual helps students with new concepts or tricky challenges.

Diverse & engaging
learning materials

CyberStart's Field Manual develops students' knowledge of the concepts they learn in-game through entertaining videos, in-depth guides and challenge walkthroughs.

"It's been rewarding to use the Field Manual to find solutions and actually learn something new."


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Get all your students engaged with fun and accessible learning

Every student learns the way that suits them best through practical challenges, insightful video tutorials and extensive write-ups.

Fun puzzles, exciting narratives, and frequent updates mean students get hooked quickly and stay engaged.

Support students with leaderboards and scores to track progress and boost participation.

A binary based CyberStart challenge with two characters standing either side.

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Students love playing CyberStart

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