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Would I be good at cyber security? 6 personality traits for cyber security success

Would I be good at cyber security? 6 personality traits for cyber security success

Is cyber defence in your DNA? These 6 personality traits will confirm if you are destined to for a career in cyber security

Have you ever asked yourself “how do I get a job in cyber security?”

Cyber security is a unique industry that suits people with certain skill-sets and personality traits. Just as you’d expect a nurse to have caring qualities, and a comedian to have amusing qualities, there are a number of traits that cyber security professionals possess that have helped them become successful in their role.

The qualities you need to qualify

Everyone is unique. So, of course, there will be people in the cyber security industry from all backgrounds and with all kinds of interests and passions. But for all of their individualities, the most successful professionals often share some common ground. Whether you have these traits naturally or need to work them into your diverse identity, developing these skills will help you become extremely successful in a cyber security role.

1. An insatiable urge to learn and explore

If you love learning new things and coming up with original ways to solve problems, you’ll thrive in the constantly evolving industry of cyber security. From learning the fundamentals to picking up new techniques and approaches, plus keeping up-to-date with future cyber trends, there’s never a dull moment or a stage you’ll reach when you know it all! That’s both challenging and exciting and sure to inspire the cyber professional in you.

Another brilliant thing about learning cyber security is the way you learn. It’s so flexible and you can tailor it so that you enjoy it every step of the way, while absorbing knowledge at your own pace. There are a number of established learning and development tools, resources and cyber security courses for beginners that will push your potential and are a great introduction to cyber security, while steering you towards a clear path for future success!

2. Persistence and passion

Winners never quit and quitters never win! When you’re an ethical hacker, it’s rare that you’re going to find the right answer the first-time round. Which is why you need steely persistence and passion to pull through. Dust yourself off, pick up where you left off and try again with a new approach or technique. Research is key in this field and trial and error will always be the path to success.

When you’re passionate about something, you’re less likely to throw in the towel too. Build your passion by listening to inspirational talks and checking out videos online – start with YouTube, there’s a ton of awesome content, from basic knowledge about cyber security to talking about recent attacks and unpicking what happened! Have a go at challenges in safe environments and join a community of passionate, like-minded individuals to develop your understanding and share your journey into the industry!

3. Deep curiosity and a perceptive eye

Never get too comfortable. Rest on your laurels and a cyber-attack will happen right under your nose. Cyber security pros know all too well that seeking out new vulnerabilities is one of the strongest tactics to thwart cyber criminals.

The ability to see threats from two perspectives will make you an epic cyber professional. If you’re able to switch your focus between the company you’re trying to protect and visualise all the areas they need to safeguard, then flip back to the threat and think at the same time about how criminals might try to phish, scam or create malware programmes to sneak into a system, you’re on the way to being a multi-tasking cyber master!

4. Attention to detail

Often, a cyber agent only needs to change a single digit in a line of code to crack the case. But if you’re not looking carefully enough, you’ll never spot it. That’s why having a precise eye and an attention to detail is so crucial in this field. Bust out your magnifying glass and check every case with precision, making sure to reference your research and look in the least obvious places – or flip your perspective, as sometimes cyber attacks are closer to home than you might expect.

A cyber agent’s job is never complete. Even the most rigorous firewalls and anti-virus programmes are no match for increasingly smart cyber criminals. Track their moves, crack their codes and sending them hacking elsewhere!

5. The ability to think like the bad guy

Have you ever been watching a movie and instantly know what the bad guys are plotting? Are you always watching out on the street, wondering how you could save yourself and rescue others if a disaster scenario unfolded? Some might think of this as having a negative mindset, but it’s actually a key personality trait of being a super alert cyber professional! Imagining different situations and pretending to be cyber criminals is one of your best cyber security defences, as it allows you to get inside the mind of the attackers and spot vulnerabilities and weaknesses that might have slipped under the radar if you didn’t have your black hat on!

6. A passion for tech

Our machines are pretty sophisticated these days, but they still haven’t replaced a multi-tasking cyber expert that knows how to use them to complement their own expert skills. The cyber security industry is an extremely technical field so having a broad and in-depth understanding of the key programmes and systems involved will be key. This industry moves fast and new resources are brought in all the time, so keeping up-to-date with trends and keep your finger on the pulse for the latest technology will need to be something you enjoy!

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