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What cyber security career would suit me best? The personality trait test!

What cyber security career would suit me best? The personality trait test!

Do you enjoy puzzles but find it puzzling trying to figure out what career could suit you best? Then keep reading as we explore five roles in cyber security and how they might match your personality!

From the curious to the ultra confident, the analytical to the adaptable, there’s a cyber security career out there for every personality type. Maybe you haven’t even considered a role in cyber security yet, or don’t know what your options are? In this blog, we discuss all the technical and problem-solving traits that could mean you have the potential to pursue a career in cyber security.

Are you curious, creative, and an avid problem solver? You could be an awesome Digital Forensic Analyst.

Do friends come to you when they have a problem and aren’t sure what to do? Can you piece together information to understand what happened and how to move forward? Then you may have the traits to become a successful Digital Forensic Analyst. In this role, you’ll examine and dissect data from computers and other digital devices to unpick the trails of cyber criminals. Crack a hacking scam or be part of a police investigation, this role requires someone who can urgently respond to a case and act as a trustworthy agent to determine the reliability of evidence.

Are you organised, forward-thinking, and always prepared? You could be an extraordinary Penetration Tester.

There is always one friend in a group that’s planning everything with total precision to make sure an event goes well. Is that you? Do you think ahead and consider ‘what if’ scenarios to minimise the risk that something may go wrong? Then a career as a Pen Tester may suit your personality and strengths. In this role, you could be testing applications before they are released to make sure they don’t present any opportunities for hackers to intrude. You will use your critical eye to make sure no weakness is unturned and ensure hackers can’t sneak through the cracks.

Are you detailed and thorough but can think on your feet? You could be an extraordinary Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst.

Are you perceptive? Do you spot things others sometimes miss? Do you work well as part of a team? Then you could make an awesome SOC Analyst. In this role, you’ll be thinking ahead to future scenarios unfolding, and actively preventing, detecting, monitoring and responding to a range of cyber incidents. Think fast, think on your feet, and report your findings using the latest processes and tech.

Are you rational, logical, and calm under pressure? You could be a great Incident Responder.

Do you pride yourself on being able to cut through chaos? Do friends come to you because you can keep your cool even in the craziest of times? If you’re a rational thinker and can apply logic to find long-lasting solutions too, it sounds like you possess the skills of a highly talented Incident Responder. In this role, you deliver clarity while everyone else is running around shouting ‘the system’s dead!’. You have the sense and skills to rationally figure out why, and guide everyone to sense and strategy.

Are you always learning and discovering new technology? You could be a fantastic Security Engineer.

Are you always the first to discover the latest tech? Were you an avid SnapChat and TikTok user before your friends even knew they existed? Then you could make big leaps as a Cyber Defender or Security Engineer, as this is a role focused on adapting to new tech! In this job, you’ll be implementing and tuning firewalls, patching, managing admin and rights duties, and taking responsibility of application white-listing. It’s a unique mix of IT and engineering, while saving the world from cyber baddies too!

Do you match any of the personality traits above? Maybe you are a mixture of a few? There’s no one-size-fits-all in this field and there are many more job roles to explore than the five mentioned above!

Why not put your traits to the test by having a go at CyberStart? Not only will you build up skills that could be applied in roles like these, but they are also skills that can be applied to any role - whatever the subject field!

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