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The Field Manual has evolved - new features and tools to help you up your game!

The Field Manual has evolved - new features and tools to help you up your game!

Discover the Field Manual improvements that will help you solve challenges and enhance your cyber security knowledge. 

Explore the features and updates made to CyberStart’s Field Manual in 2023.

Have you ever struggled to find the relevant section of the Field Manual when you’re stuck on a challenge in CyberStart?

Or do you want to know more about how the cyber security techniques you research in the Field Manual relate to the real world?  

Over the last 12 months, we’ve made it quicker and easier than ever to find helpful information in the Field Manual that will support you when solving CyberStart’s challenges and advancing your cyber security knowledge.

Keep reading to uncover all the improvements to CyberStart’s Field Manual!

Rather than switching between a challenge and the Field Manual in CyberStart, all challenges with a relevant write-up or walkthrough in the Field Manual now point you to the related entry directly from the challenge itself.

This update will allow you to immediately access the most useful Field Manual content without leaving the challenge you’re playing!

A gif showing the CyberStart challenge and related Field Manual entry

You’ll find a link to the relevant Field Manual section on the left of the challenge under “Related Field Manual Entries”. This feature is in every challenge that has an accompanying Field Manual entry.  

As you get to the higher levels in HQ, Moon and Forensics base, many challenges don’t have a related Field Manual entry. You’ll need to demonstrate your research skills using a search engine instead. 

This Field Manual update makes it easier to find the relevant information you need to solve many of CyberStart’s challenges, giving you a better chance to earn in-demand cyber security skills.

You’ll also gain a deeper context of how the information provided in the Field Manual relates to real-world scenarios, so you can be confident of where your knowledge can take you in the future.

Gain real-world context for CyberStart’s challenges 

Want to know more about the cyber security disciplines or criminal tactics you encounter in CyberStart? 

We’ve added a “Real World Uses” section to all challenge walkthroughs in the Field Manual that provides context on how a challenge relates to the real world.  

You’ll find the “Real World Uses” section by scrolling to the bottom of a challenge walkthrough in the “Walkthroughs” section of the Field Manual.  

Paragraphs of text in CyberStart’s Field Manual

Have fun exploring insightful cyber security facts and genuine examples of cyber security techniques, cyber attacks and more when you check out “Real World Uses” in CyberStart’s Field Manual.

Get help solving CyberStart’s Forensics base with a dedicated Field Manual chapter 

If you need help with a challenge in Forensics base or just want to delve deeper into this fascinating branch of cyber security, we’ve got you covered! 

We’ve introduced a Forensics chapter in the Field Manual spanning 20 additional pages of content. Here you’ll find many useful guides across file, network, disk forensics and more.

More paragraphs of text in CyberStart’s Field Manual

Time to whip out your spyglass and hunt for clues! With the addition of a Forensics Field Manual chapter, you’ll progress further through Forensics base and can gain a deeper understanding of real digital forensics techniques used in fields like Digital Forensic Analysis

Enhance your research with improved Field Manual write-ups  

Do you wish it were easier to research CyberStart challenge solutions using the Field Manual write-ups?  

We’ve made major updates throughout the Field Manual’s written guides to bring them more in line with our video content and support your research.

For a better reading experience, we’ve also split some write-ups across multiple pages, so you’ll spend less time trawling through large sections of text.

Even more paragraphs of text and a video showing a computer’s developer tools in the Field Manual.

You’ll now have a more seamless experience when researching solutions for CyberStart’s challenges or building your knowledge of a cyber security topic.

Bonus update: See when you can use a hint for free 

Want to know when you can use a challenge hint without it costing you valuable points in CyberStart

The “hint” modal will now also direct you towards relevant Field Manual entries, and we’ve made these easier to access by highlighting where hints are available without any cost. 

In a challenge where the hint is free, you’ll see “free” on the hint button. Clicking the hint button will reveal an explanation for why your hint is free above the hint itself. 

CyberStart challenge showing a fake social media profile and a pop up with text showing the new feature

You’ll now always know when a hint is available to you without any cost so you can confidently get help solving challenges without sacrificing your well-earned points.

All these Field Manual updates are ready to be explored in CyberStart right now! You can find the rest of our CyberStart updates for 2023 here.

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