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How to learn coding for free in 2022

How to learn coding for free in 2022

Discover how to code and take your future prospects to new heights!

Want to produce your own computer programmes, build your own security tools, assemble your own apps or elevate your employability?

If you answered yes to any of these, coding is your ticket to success!

Coding is the sought after skill that a rapidly growing number of industries are looking for. Even if you’re not searching for employability right now, you’ll be glad to have coding in your skillset when you eventually start job hunting.

On top of providing a healthy boost to your job applications, coding to create your own programmes and applications is a fun, creative and fulfilling hobby.

So without further ado, let’s discover how to learn coding through fun, practical challenges and find out if you’re eligible to learn for free!

Uncover how to learn coding for free at the end of this blog.

What is coding?

Coding is essential for creating digital programmes such as websites, apps, and video games.

Programmes are written using code: a set of instructions that tells a computer what you want it to do.

Computers only understand data in ones and zeros, otherwise known as binary. By writing instructions for your computer using a coding language, the computer can read your instructions without you having to write it in binary.

What is the difference between coding and programming?

Programming is the act of creating a digital programme, which encompasses everything from the planning stage to testing, revisions and completion.

Coding is one specific stage in the programming process. It involves writing the code to show the computer how to run the programme.

See our top tips to help you start programming here.

How to learn coding in 2022

Never tried coding before or want to skip the theory and get hands-on straight away? We’ve got the answer!

CyberStart is a gamified platform that helps you learn real cyber security techniques like coding, cryptography and ethical hacking while hunting down cyber criminals.

CyberStart has tonnes of challenges that let you get stuck into exciting coding missions and building your own security tools.

The Moon base is an especially great place to start coding with Python, a user friendly language that’s used a lot in cyber security.

Programming 101

In Moon base, you’ll be assigned to a research facility on the Moon, where you’ll be tasked with investigating mysterious alien signals using your very own programmes.

CyberStart Moon base

Beginning with the basics, you’ll learn the skills you need to become a confident coder. The programmes you build will help you solve intergalactic cases and prevent aliens from threatening our solar system.

Plus, you can develop your learning of coding and programming in CyberStart’s Field Manual.

CyberStart Moon base

The Field Manual’s dedicated programming section has plenty of video tutorials and additional information to consolidate the practical skills you learn in CyberStart’s challenges.

Trial CyberStart for free

Give 12 CyberStart challenges in Intern base a go right now by registering for a free account.

Spot security flaws, decode secret messages and stop cyber criminals around the globe from carrying out their devious schemes.

Register for a free CyberStart account here.

Unlock free CyberStart access with CyberStart America or Cyber FastTrack

If you’re a high school or college student in the US, you could be eligible to join a free CyberStart programme.

You’ll gain free access to all challenges and resources you’d get from a full CyberStart licence.

Play through every coding challenge in CyberStart to build your own programmes from start to finish and boost your coding confidence.

Just by playing CyberStart, you could even earn scholarships and prizes offered by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation!

High school students - Learn more at CyberStart America

Undergraduate college students - Learn more at Cyber FastTrack

Jump straight into fun coding today and earn valuable skills that can take you anywhere with CyberStart.

All of these programmes are entirely free, and feature CyberStart!

CyberStart America

What is it?

A fun programme developed to help you discover your talent, advance your skills and win scholarships in cyber security.

Who's it for?

13-18 year old high school students in the US only.

Awesome! How can I find out more?

Cyber FastTrack

What is it?

The fastest and most cost-effective route to a career in cyber security via free training and exclusive scholarship opportunities.

Who's it for?

College students in the US only.

Great! How can I find out more?

CyberStart Canada

What is it?

A free programme teaching cyber security to high school students in Canada through CyberStart's immersive learning platform.

Who's it for?

Students between the ages of 13-18 nationwide.

Nice! How can I find out more?