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How to help your students grow their points in CyberStart over the holidays

How to help your students grow their points in CyberStart over the holidays

Did you know there’s a way to set homework over the festive season while not being a Scrooge?

Keep your class learning practical cyber security skills over the holidays with these tips!

Giving your students homework over the holidays might make them feel like they got coal in their stockings. But not with CyberStart!

Setting tasks with CyberStart over the holidays is a brilliant way to encourage learning while keeping it fun. Plus, if your students are trying to earn scholarships in one of our programmes, the holidays are a great time to earn some extra points!

Read on to set cyber security tasks this holiday season that your students will enjoy!

Set CyberStart challenges or levels to complete

Want your students to focus on learning a skill or completing a level they’ve been working on in class?

Set a goal by signing into CyberStart and choosing some unlocked challenges or levels that you want them to complete.

If your students have varying progress, you could let them choose their own goals instead.

If any student needs help over the holidays, encourage them to get tips on the CyberStart community or read through the Field Manual. They’ll also find some challenge walkthroughs and hints on the CyberStart blog.

Share our winter tips

We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of four tips to help your students boost their points over the holiday season in our blog.

Read through the blog post and share it with your students in class or through your classroom management system to give them more incentive and encouragement to solve the CyberStart challenges.

Read the blog here and share it with your students.

Run a competition with prizes

There’s nothing like a fun competition to encourage your students to keep learning over the holidays. Plus, you can give out treats like chocolate or stationery to the winners for a little extra festive incentive!

Here’s how:

  1. Set up a Group in CyberStart and add all of your students. You can also use a Group that you’ve already created.
  2. Tell your students to earn points in CyberStart over the holidays to win prizes. The winners could be students at the top of the leaderboard, students with the most change in points or those who’ve made it past a certain number of points.
  3. Give your students a date for when you’ll check final scores. It might be easiest to make this a day after they return to school in the new year.
  4. Give prizes out to the winners at the end of the competition.

We hope you enjoy a well-deserved time off for the holidays while your students get stuck into exciting CyberStart challenges that could help them earn scholarships. See you in the new year!

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