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Getting started with CyberStart Groups

Getting started with CyberStart Groups

Everything you need to start playing with CyberStart Groups

Gaming is better with some healthy competition, and learning is better with friends. Whether you are looking for a fun and new gaming adventure or want to train to become a cyber security pro, maximise your learning experience with Groups!

The Groups feature in CyberStart lets you create your own communities to compete for points, compare progress and help one another push forward through the challenges.

You’ll have the ability to create and join as many Groups as you want and control who has access to your progress.

Whether you’re playing CyberStart with friends, classmates or users around the globe, you can create and join Groups of an unlimited number of people.

CyberStart Groups leaderboard Play and share your progress with friends, peers or teachers with CyberStart Groups!

Read on to learn more about what Groups looks like and see how you can use it in CyberStart, then try it out for yourself today!

How to use Groups

💯 Compete for points

Play against your friends and race for the top spot on your team’s leaderboard. Then head over to the CyberStart social channels and announce your success as #1. Just remember to defend your title, or you’ll soon be knocked off the top!

🤝 Collaborate with friends

Groups isn’t just about competing for points, it’s also an excellent opportunity to see who could help you if you’re stuck! Put your heads together and help each other through the challenges to keep the points flowing.

🍎 Play with school peers

Benefit from extra support and gain confidence in all areas of cyber security as you and your teacher track your progress in the classroom. Compete with your classmates or help each other solve challenges at school.

🔒 Be in control of your data

You can keep your data hidden from Group members or share it with everyone for the full multi-player experience. If you want to hide your progress, it will only be visible to your Group organiser.

“I thought it was cool to see everyone’s progress and it made me want to complete more levels”.

Creating a Group and Group roles

Whether you’re trialling CyberStart for free or have purchased a full licence, you can create or join a Group to battle for points, team up with friends and race to the top of the leaderboard!

To create a Group, you’ll need to:

  • Visit Groups from within the navigation bar after signing up for your CyberStart account.
  • On the top right, there is a button to ‘Create a Group’. You’ll need to come up with a name (don’t worry, you can change this name at any time!).
  • Once you’ve created your Group, you’ll receive an automatically generated Group Access Code. Share this code with whoever you want to join.

Remember, any CyberStart user with this code can join your Group, so think about where you share this!

By creating a Group, you’ll become a Group organiser. As an organiser, you can:

  • Have access to the display names and progress of other members in your Group.
  • Add a reference next to each player to identify them if they choose not to use their real name.
  • Assign other Group members as organisers to share responsibility for the group.
  • Remove Group members and un-assign Group organisers.
  • Regenerate your Group Access Code.
  • Modify the Group name.

Even if a Group member chooses to hide their progress, you will still be able to see this as a Group organiser.

To join a Group, you’ll need to:

  • Visit Groups from within the navigation bar after signing up for your CyberStart account.
  • On the top right there is a button to ‘Join a Group’.
  • You’ll need to enter the Group Access Code you have been given and agree to the data your Group organiser is able to see.

“It was really easy to join a Group and good to add a bit of competitiveness”

By joining a Group, you will become a Group member. As a member, you can:

  • See the display names and progress of people who are happy to share it with the Group.
  • Choose a display name and edit it at any time from your CyberStart agent profile.
  • Leave the Group at any time.

CyberStart Groups members What you can see in a Group

How to track progress with Groups

CyberStart Groups has lots of interesting features that you can use to track the points you gain, the levels you unlock and the hints you use. Let’s see how members will appear in a Group and discover what the data is showing.

You can see the total points you (and others) have earned in CyberStart game. If you have earned points within the last week, the number of points you’ve earned will be shown in green.

CyberStart Groups member

If you lose points by using hints in the challenges, your weekly points will go down and be shown in red.

CyberStart Groups member

You’ll also be able to track progress across the last two weeks. The green bar shows when a CyberStart challenge has been completed within the last 14 days. The red bar shows when a hint has been used. These data points can be used to show you who has stopped playing, who is struggling and who is smashing through the challenges.

CyberStart Groups member

Now you’ve got a better understanding of Groups, you’re ready to get started! Create or join your first Group to play with friends, compete for points, track your progress and take your fun to the next level!

Experience Groups with no upfront payments or commitments. Create your free account now and start playing today!

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