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Coming soon: The biggest ever CyberStart update

Coming soon: The biggest ever CyberStart update

An improved platform, new functionalities and highly requested features are heading your way!

What to expect from the next CyberStart update…

Where it all began

Six years ago, the first version of CyberStart was created to transform a cyber security summer camp for 600 students. The goal was to create an immersive, fun and hands-on learning experience and leave textbooks and lectures as a thing of the past.

Since then, the content has expanded, new features have been added, and a community of over 250,000 players now share a joint passion for cyber security and taking on criminal gangs at the Cyber Protection Agency.

And it’s not all fictional cyber criminals either. With the skills they discovered and developed, thousands of CyberStart players have gone on to land successful careers such as Cyber Crime Investigators and Junior Cyber Threat Hunters!

Austin used CyberStart to build his skill set in the Cyber FastTrack program. He is now working for the United States Department of Defense. Check out his story as he chats to CyberStart Founder, James Lyne.

So, what needs to change?

To help even more people discover their talent, develop their skills and advance in this fascinating industry, it is time to take CyberStart to the next level.

From your valued feedback and the team’s ambitions to build and improve a world-class product, it was time to radically rethink how we made CyberStart as accessible, immersive and enjoyable as possible.

An improved platform, new features and a fresh new look

Over the last 10 months, the team have engineered, rebuilt and super-charged the engine behind CyberStart to build a brand-new platform.

This will allow us to seamlessly and continuously deliver a pipeline of new and exciting features and functionalities; further expand on our content-base and most importantly, make CyberStart as accessible as possible.

Alongside the new platform, this update will see the launch of some highly requested new features and functionalities:

  • Compete for top spot on a team leaderboard and enjoy learning with friends with a brand new Groups feature.
  • Power up your learning with a brand new Field Manual featuring expanded video walkthroughs that are carefully mapped to the core concepts you’ll learn in the CyberStart challenges.
  • The introduction of a brand new base. Trial life as an agent at the Cyber Protection Agency with 12 free and unlocked challenges!
  • The CyberStart brand you all know and love will also be seeing its biggest ever makeover. From bases to challenges and characters, a fresh and dynamic new look is heading your way to modernise your experience and lay the foundations for a more personalised and interactive experience in the future.

Join our mailing list and follow our social channels, as we’ll be announcing and walking you through our new features very soon!

And this is only the start…

The upcoming release is just the foundation for CyberStart’s future.

With a new platform also comes a pipeline of new features, content and functionality that will help you develop your skill set, progress towards respected academic outcomes and of course, have fun!

Over the next few months we will be sharing exclusive sneak peeks, testing opportunities and the release date for this huge update.

Make sure you are following us on our social accounts (Instagram, Twitter) and add your email to our mailing list to be the first to hear.

Keep your eyes open and your inbox refreshed - CyberStart is about to reach a whole new level!

For any questions on this update please email hello@cyberstart.com or visit the CyberStart knowledge base for some frequently asked questions.

All of these programmes are entirely free, and feature CyberStart!

CyberStart America

What is it?

A fun programme developed to help you discover your talent, advance your skills and win scholarships in cyber security.

Who's it for?

13-18 year old high school students in the US only.

Awesome! How can I find out more?

Cyber FastTrack

What is it?

The fastest and most cost-effective route to a career in cyber security via free training and exclusive scholarship opportunities.

Who's it for?

College students in the US only.

Great! How can I find out more?

CyberStart Canada

What is it?

A free programme teaching cyber security to high school students in Canada through CyberStart's immersive learning platform.

Who's it for?

Students between the ages of 13-18 nationwide.

Nice! How can I find out more?