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6 new ways to track your students' progress in CyberStart this semester

6 new ways to track your students' progress in CyberStart this semester

Get to grips with all the ways you can track your students’ CyberStart progress in Groups!  

Discover the CyberStart Groups updates requested by educators and implemented in 2023

You asked, we delivered! We’ve made it easier than ever to monitor, track and assist your students as they learn cyber security with new updates to CyberStart’s built-in Groups feature

Continue reading to discover all the updates we’re making to enhance how you track and assist your students as they play CyberStart.  

Prefer to watch a walkthrough of our Groups updates? Then check out our short video tour below!

CyberStart Group Leaderboard Tour

1. How can I quickly see Group member progress across each base in CyberStart? 

Want to monitor your students’ progress across Intern, Headquarters (HQ), Moon and Forensics base at a glance? 

You can now see a detailed and accessible breakdown of players’ total progress across each base in CyberStart! 

Quickly identify which level of each base a player has reached, plus, how much of that level they have completed.  

View the total percentage completed of a base instantly or delve deeper to see their highest level achieved and the completion percentage of each base by clicking on any of the bases underneath a student’s display name. 

This tool is a useful way to identify where your students may be excelling or struggling and can help you monitor their progress when you’re setting specific challenges or goals.  

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2. How do I compare Group member progress over different timeframes? 

Want to see your students’ CyberStart progress over a specific duration and compare their progress between different timeframes?  

With this new tool you’ll be able to view the total number of challenges completed and points earned within a timeframe you choose.

These new metrics will give you a clearer picture of when and how much your students have engaged with CyberStart over your chosen duration, making it easier to set challenges and timed competitions in your class or club. 

This tool will also show you how many challenges a Group member completed or points they earned between two timeframes and a comparative value.  

For example, you can choose to see how many points your students earned in your current week compared to the previous week, helping you identify which week your student made more progress in CyberStart. 

3. How do I see when my Group members are engaging with CyberStart?

Want a deeper understanding of how your students work through CyberStart?  

We’ve added an Activity Indicator to Groups which will give you new insights into when your Group members attempt challenges. With the Activity Monitor you’ll be able to: 

  • Track completed challenges and hints used 
  • Monitor instances where your Group members accessed challenges or the Field Manual  
  • See when Group members attempted challenges without completing them 

For any date shown on the Activity Indicator Graph, you can click and see a summary of your Group members’ challenge and Field Manual activity for that day.

In addition to seeing the total number of challenges solved and hints used, you can now also see how many different challenges each Group member visited and how many different Field Manual pages they viewed.

The Activity Indicator gives you a deeper understanding of your students’ behaviour when working on challenges, making it easier to identify areas where they may be struggling, so you can offer your informed support.  

4. How can I identify when my Group members last played CyberStart?

Want to know how often your students are engaging with CyberStart? 

With this update, you’ll see the last time a student signed into CyberStart, viewed a challenge and visited the Field Manual.  

See your students’ activity across ‘today’, ‘yesterday’ or an absolute date to track their engagement over a certain timeframe.  

This tool is an excellent way to see who may need encouragement to keep playing and celebrate those who are engaging with CyberStart.  

5. How do I sort my Group members?  

Want to quickly identify who has made the most or least progress in CyberStart in your class or club?  

Our new leaderboard sorting option will allow you to sort your Group members by their number of completed challenges and points in ascending or descending order. 

By using these sorting options, you can quickly view who’s ahead or lagging behind in CyberStart, an especially helpful insight when monitoring larger groups. 

6. How do I monitor my Group members across a chosen time range?

Gain greater control over monitoring your students’ progress by selecting a time range in Groups.  

You can now view your students’ ‘activity’, ‘completed challenges’ and ‘points’ which are dynamically updated alongside their data chart, spanning up to 30 days. 

By setting your time range to ‘30’, ‘14’, ‘7’ days, or ’today,’ you can tailor your view to match the cadence of your classroom schedule, helping you gain deeper insights into your students’ engagement and performance.  

We hope the updates to Groups help you gain faster and more detailed insights into your students’ CyberStart progress, allowing you to monitor, engage and support everyone’s cyber security learning journey with ease! 

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