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5 types of students you wouldn’t think would be into cyber security, but are!

5 types of students you wouldn’t think would be into cyber security, but are!

Smash Stereotypes and inspire any student to find their talent for cyber security this British Science Week

What sort of student do you envision being interested in cyber security? (Psst, it’s a trick question).

This year’s British Science Week is all about Smashing Stereotypes in STEM and proving that anyone can find their passion for cyber security.

Now more than ever, cyber security is attracting students from a vast range of backgrounds with varying interests and passions.

The key to getting any student interested in cyber security is to introduce the topic to them in an accessible and fun way.

That’s where CyberStart comes in.

From army cadet coders to sporty software architects, we’ve seen CyberStart encourage all kinds of students to get into cyber security.

Here are five types of students you wouldn’t think would be into cyber security who could find their talent for the field with CyberStart.

1. The Gamer

“CyberStart is like an addictive game. Once you give it a try, you won’t want to stop”. - Gracie, student

Do you know any students who love playing video games? Perhaps they’re always talking about their latest Minecraft build or what they’ve been up to in Roblox.

If so, cyber security could be their next obsession.

CyberStart uses gamification to encourage young audiences to train in cyber security while having fun. Here’s how:

  • Play as cyber agents and catch criminals using real cyber security techniques
  • Solve challenges to unlock new cases and levels
  • Earn points as you play
  • Meet characters and explore intriguing storylines
  • Compete and race for points on the Groups leaderboards

“There is so much in this game that the students will learn so much. Some of my students did not even think they would be good at it, but they are, and they love it”. - Kristi, teacher

2. The Sports Enthusiast

Do any of your students play for a sports team or love getting involved in competitions?

Their competitive nature and drive to spend hours pursuing their passion would translate fantastically into cyber security.

Students with a talent for team sports and competitions could be great at solving complex challenges and working with others. Both of these skills are hugely valuable in the cyber security field.

Sports enthusiasts might never have shown an interest in science, tech or cyber. Yet, their skills will help them quickly adapt to this field and potentially find new talents.

Many students who never believed they’d be interested in cyber security have gone on to find a new passion or career path thanks to CyberStart.

The key is accessibility and engagement. CyberStart is fun enough for all students to give cyber security a try, while the right students become inspired by the skills they gain through the platform.

“I am a very athletic, active, ambitious teen. If you told me two years ago that I would be interested in cyber security, I would laugh a good deal. At first, I thought cyber security was only for shy, awkward nerds. Having tried out cyber security, advanced in it, and met other people who also thoroughly enjoy it, I have come to realise that cyber security provides thrill, teamwork, mystery, competition, and challenge that gratifies both shy, awkward nerds and animated athletes. It doesn’t matter what your personality is, cyber security could very likely fascinate you”. - Talya, student

Read more of Talya’s story and discover her newfound career ambitions here.

3. The Passionate Activist

Do any of your students thrive on helping others or love fighting for a cause?

Maybe they’re passionate about protecting the environment, raising money for charity or volunteering in their spare time?

Then they could find a new cause to support in keeping the digital world safe while protecting companies and people across the globe.

CyberStart enlightens students to the importance of cyber security, while giving them the practical skills to carry out real-world defensive and offensive cyber security techniques.

Students can gain new career ambitions by developing crucial skills, knowing that those skills can protect the world.

“The mission of CyberStart is just as important as the technical lessons, and I found a passion that lay within me for cyber security. In the future, I’d love to be part of a national agency and use cyber security to keep us safe in the cyber world”. - Rohan, student

4. The Puzzle Solver

Do your students like brain teasers or enjoy coming up with solutions to complex problems? Then CyberStart is the optimal place for them to direct their talents.

Solving CyberStart challenges takes persistence, patience and the ability to think outside of the box.

Your students will try different techniques, read up on new concepts in the CyberStart Field Manual and do their own research.

Students gain great problem-solving skills and enjoy a deep sense of achievement whenever they complete a challenge.

“CyberStart has helped me decide to pursue a career in cyber security because I have always enjoyed puzzles. Putting them together and seeing the final results is a thrill to see”. - Katrina, student

5. The Curious Researcher

Are any of your students especially curious about the world around them? Perhaps they enjoy dismantling objects to see what’s inside or always ask questions in class.

Cyber security is perfect for the inquisitive mind. It involves researching new hacking methods, keeping up with the latest tech and finding ways to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

As students play CyberStart, they’ll get to try industry-relevant cyber security techniques and discover the methods used by cyber criminals.

By developing skills like Linux, Python and pen testing, your students will build a solid cyber security skillset and find fulfillment in completing the increasingly challenging puzzles.

Your students walk away with real-world skills and new confidence in their abilities, making any cyber security career seem achievable.

Can you identify any of these students in your classroom? Introduce them to fun cyber security training that could lead them on the path to a fulfilling and empowering new skill.

Get your students on the road to success today! Have a go at the free challenges in Intern base, and then once you know how many students have shown an interest in developing their cyber security skills, reach out to us at sales@cyberstart.com to discuss our exclusive education pricing packages!

All of these programmes are entirely free, and feature CyberStart!

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