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4 tips to boost your points in CyberStart this holiday season

4 tips to boost your points in CyberStart this holiday season

Have you been struggling to make progress in CyberStart this year? Now is the perfect time to change that!

See our tips to help you earn more points and achieve your goals in CyberStart.

Ho ho ho! Another holiday season approaches. But cyber criminals never rest, even during the holidays.

So whether you’re stuffed with turkey or sick of playing charades with the family, come beat some CyberStart challenges and catch criminals!

Remember, completing challenges in CyberStart will help you earn points, strengthen your cyber security skills and make you desirable in so many jobs! There may also be scholarships and prizes up for grabs if you are taking part in one of our free programmes.

Read on to earn valued cyber security experience this holiday season with our four helpful tips.

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1. Set your goal

“They want me to set goals? Over the holidays???”

Yes. Yes we do.

Perhaps it’s earning a certain number of points, winning a prize in one of CyberStart’s free programmes or mastering a certain skill like coding in Python.

No matter what you want to achieve, make sure you know what your specific goal is before you set to it. Then break that goal into smaller chunks to make your task more manageable.

By deciding what your goal is, you’ll find it easier to set steps to achieve it.

“I had no experience and still managed to make it to the 20,000-point mark. All it takes is determination and good Google skills, and you’re ready to start this fun learning journey!” - CyberStart player

2. Make a schedule

Time to make a list and check it twice!

Once you’ve figured out your goal, making a schedule of when to play will help you keep on track.

Rather than saying what day you’ll play, it can be easier to stick to a specific time or follow on from another daily activity, like after you shower or before lunch.

Note in your calendar or weekly planner when you plan to play and try to stick to it.

You can also set a goal for each play session, such as completing a challenge every time you play or having a minimum progress requirement for each session.

3. Build a support group

It’s easier to reach your goals when you’re doing it with friends.

Tell your friends or other CyberStart community members about your goal, and ask if they’ll join you in playing to help you achieve it.

Make sure to create a CyberStart Group so you can track each others’ progress, help one another through the challenges and stay accountable toward your goal.

You don’t need to dedicate lots of time to play CyberStart. Even 10 minutes a day can help you make progress and earn points towards your goal!

4. Play your way

Ready to get your game on?

The great thing about earning points in CyberStart is that you can jump between any challenge or base you like.

Instead of getting bogged down in a challenge or technique that you struggle with, move on to an area that you enjoy and see how much progress you can make.

Plus, taking time away from a difficult concept can help you feel refreshed when you return to it.

We’re posting a CyberStart challenge hint each day until December 23rd, 2022, on the @cyberstartusa Instagram account. Follow us there to see some helpful tips.

Your cyber security goals are easier to achieve than you think. Find a cosy space, put on some music and jump into the CyberStart challenges this winter to earn fantastic rewards and empowering new skills.

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CyberStart Canada

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A free programme teaching cyber security to high school students in Canada through CyberStart's immersive learning platform.

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