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4 activities to do in your class or club this STEM/STEAM Day

4 activities to do in your class or club this STEM/STEAM Day

Inspire students who never thought they’d enjoy STEM subjects like cyber security to find their passion! 

Empower all your students to take learning cyber security into their own hands this STEM/STEAM Day.

The jobs and people working in STEM/STEAM are more diverse than ever! By showing that STEM is an accessible and dynamic career path, every student can envision themselves in a job or field of study that they might never have considered. 

With the help of CyberStart, STEM/STEAM Day on November 8th is the perfect time to inspire all your students to try cyber security. You never know who could find their passion for this crucial field. 

“I never would have considered a career in cybersecurity. I didn’t fit the stereotype, so I assumed that I wouldn’t be good at it and that it wouldn’t be a viable career path. I thought cyber security professionals were just people who told you to change your password, but CyberStart showed me that it is so much more- and more fun!” - Alison, student 

Discover four FREE activities to introduce cyber security to your students this STEM/STEAM day with CyberStart - no effort or planning required! 

Three students smiling in front of computers in a classroom

1. Solve criminal cases as cyber agents 

Want a fun and easy activity to introduce your students to cyber security? Try  Intern base  in CyberStart. 

Intern base contains 12 free cyber security puzzles with different difficulties to challenge all ability levels in your class. 

By playing Intern base, your students can feel the thrill of solving gamified cyber security challenges and the empowerment of quickly grasping new skills like password cracking, programming and online safety. It’s all about giving it a go!

A computer screen showing the CyberStart dashboard

All Intern base challenges are free and unlocked for your students to try in class right now.  

Your students just need to sign up for their free Intern base access to get playing, and educators can sign up too! 

Unlock a free CyberStart trial account by signing up here

2. Hold a mini capture the flag competition 

Give your students a fun competition to compete or collaborate for points in the CyberStart challenges while you track their scores as they play.   

All you need to do is: 

• Register for a CyberStart trial account and get your students signed up to access 12 free challenges or see if you’re eligible to unlock all 200+ challenges through one of CyberStart’s free programmes. See if you’re eligible

• Create a Group in CyberStart to receive an automatically generated Group Access Code. 

• Share the Group Access Code with your students, which they can use to join your Group. 

• See who can score the most points in a certain amount of time while tracking your students’ scores in your Group. 

• Sit back and watch your students’ excitement as they play. Whoever scores the most points wins! 

Two students using a laptop together.

3. Explore the exciting world of ethical hacking 

Mention  ethical hacking to your students, and they’ll be instantly intrigued. 

CyberStart has tonnes of ethical hacking challenges that allow your students to hack into systems and networks in a safe and proactive environment. 

Your students can try ethical hacking challenges like L01 C04 - Lazy Locked Login for free in Intern base. This challenge is a beginner-friendly way for your students to explore developer tools and ethical hacking whilst uncovering security flaws, just like a cyber security professional! 

A CyberStart challenge showing a homehub device with a username and password box and text in developer tools

4. Teach coding through engaging challenges and video tutorials 

Want your students to learn coding? CyberStart can get them to practise this skill instantly through practical application. 

For beginners, level 2 of CyberStart’s Intern base is the best place to start coding straight away. 

“The Rocketeer” is the first challenge your students will encounter in Intern base level 2 and is where they can use basic coding commands to launch a rocket into space! 

A CyberStart challenge showing a rocket on a launch pad

Don’t worry if your students haven’t tried coding before or if you don’t have enough coding skills to help them if they get stuck.  

CyberStart offers many useful ways for your students to tackle new concepts while strengthening their problem-solving skills. 

If your students get stuck on a CyberStart challenge, they can: 

• Watch a video walkthrough in CyberStart’s Field Manual 

• View a challenge hint to get more information 

• Do their own research using a search engine 

It’s time to get all your students interested in cyber security this STEM/STEAM day!

See if CyberStart would be suitable for your class or club by exploring Intern base now with a free CyberStart account.  

Or see if you’re eligible for one of our free programmes to unlock all challenges and resources in CyberStart. More information on our programme eligibility can be found below.

All of these programmes are entirely free, and feature CyberStart!

CyberStart America

What is it?

A fun programme developed to help you discover your talent, advance your skills and win scholarships in cyber security.

Who's it for?

13-18 year old high school students in the US only.

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Cyber FastTrack

What is it?

The fastest and most cost-effective route to a career in cyber security via free training and exclusive scholarship opportunities.

Who's it for?

College students in the US only.

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CyberStart Canada

What is it?

A free programme teaching cyber security to high school students in Canada through CyberStart's immersive learning platform.

Who's it for?

Students between the ages of 13-18 nationwide.

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