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3 cyber security resolutions that you should set for 2023

3 cyber security resolutions that you should set for 2023

Want to level up your cyber safety this year?

See which resolutions you should set to help you stay safe online in 2023.

It’s time to make the most of your new year’s motivation!

Read our top tips to maximise your cyber security in 2023 and minimise your digital vulnerabilities.

Let’s go!

1. Strengthen your passwords

Do you have any accounts that use an easy-to-guess password or have the same password for multiple accounts? Then make time at the beginning of the year to update them.

We recommend using a passphrase that has multiple words connected by spaces or symbols.

Make sure the words you choose are random rather than related, as password-cracking software is more likely to guess related words.

Example: toaster-purple-forgotten

Better yet, use a password manager, which will create complex passwords and store them in a database for you.

2. Update your devices

Haven’t gotten around to that big computer, phone or browser update yet? Do it now!

Updates can fix security issues and vulnerabilities, so shouldn’t be put off. Longer updates can be set to update overnight so it’s done by the time you wake up.

3. Audit your social media accounts

Could any information on your social media give away sensitive information? Just like in CyberStart’s HQ base challenge “Social Secret”, hackers could use this data to guess your passwords.

These days, it’s popular for people to put sensitive information like their age and location on their social media bios, making it easy for anyone to find. Check your social profiles now and make sure information like your date of birth, phone number and locations are set to private or removed.

Bonus tip

During your audit, scan your profiles as if you were an interviewer at your dream college, internship or job. Are there any posts or images you wouldn’t want them to see? Remove them before you start sending out applications, as you never know who could be looking!

We hope these tips boost your cyber safety in 2023!

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